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Cüneyt Sermet

As the son of Tahsin Sermet, one of the founders of the Turkish Republic, Cüneyt Sermet was introduced to jazz music during his years at Robert College. He is both conservatory trained and an autodidact. With a variety of jazz bands he formed during the years 1945-52 he became one of the pioneers of Turkish modern jazz scene, and supported many young talented musicians. Dedicated himself to being a teacher and music critic in the following years, Sermet started working as the Turkish representative at the acclaimed Berklee College of MusicConservatory in Boston since 1959. Most of his articles have been published in a number of well known newspapers. He was appointed as the Director of The Western Music Department at TRT Ankara Radio in 1965. He moved to Paris in 1968 and continued to prepare radio programmes which were like classical and jazz music lessons for Ankara Radio until 1976. He is also the father of our world famous pianist Hüseyin Sermet. Cüneyt Sermet lives with his wife in Didim.