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All Saints Moda Kilisesi

6 July Thursday, 19:00, Kadıköy, Moda

19.30 – Özgün Semerci
21.00 – Yakaza Ensemble

The proceedings at All Saints, the most idiosyncratic venue on the roster of Night Out, will start with Özgün Semerci, who had a devoted punk following for years as the lead vocalist of Second. Semerci’s new solo project is a departure from the hardcore punk rock sound of his band, but despite being a more muted affair than his previous output it still winks at acoustic punk pop buoyed by his vocal and guitar technique. Semerci has released Bulandı Sularım in 2016 which found him working with Taner Yücel- one half of Jakuzi- on guitar, percussion and mixing.

Following Semerci the church will host a band that fits in perfectly with its atmosphere. With Yakaza Ensemble, who takes a psychedelic, dense, multi instrumental musical journey inspired by different cultures, we will ascend towards the spiritual ranks of the church.

Tickets: 60 TL