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Showcase for Contemporary Music
from Turkey / 27-30 June 2018







Four Days in Istanbul Full of Music!

Following the success of the first edition in 2017, Istanbul Jazz Festival is inviting music industry professionals to Vitrin Showcase in 2018.

Held within Istanbul Jazz Festival, Vitrin is a showcase and networking event dedicated to contemporary music from Turkey.

With its centuries old music tradition and vibrant contemporary music scene, Turkey has always been one of the main hubs of music in the world. Music in Turkey takes inspiration from both East and West, making it a “musical silk road” where influences flow in each direction. While traditional values are preserved and refined on one hand, new styles and sounds emerge through cultural dialogue on the other. Vitrin aims to showcase the current state of all these influences, with the best examples in different genres: Jazz, rock, electronic music, ethnic sounds and global fusions.

In its second edition, Istanbul Jazz Festival invites a limited number of music professionals to attend Vitrin from 27 to 30 June 2018, along with the festival audience. International delegates will not only experience the showcases of some of the best & newest bands from Turkey, but will also attend networking events, increase their knowledge about Turkey’s vibrant music scene and meet with the key players of the local music industry.

Accreditations will start in April 2018

Vitrin is currently an invitation-only event. A limited number of The event will be open to applications from international festival managers, cultural institutes, booking agents, promoters, record labels, music journalists and radio producers from all over the world.

“Wonderfully organized, fruitful and joyful” Peter Schulze (Artistic Director, Jazzahead!)

“The music was top, the locations superb but even more than that the magnificent organisation and warmth that we felt was heartbreaking” Roel Vanhoeck (Head of Production, Bozar Music)

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first visit to the city – everything about it was fantastic” Oliver Carruthers (Artistic Director, Rich Mix)


Following the success of the first edition in 2017, Istanbul Jazz Festival is inviting music industry professionals to Vitrin Showcase in 2018

• Broad Range Of Music Showcases

Vitrin is inspired by the rise of Turkey’s contemporary music scene in international markets. In the first edition, we offered around 30 performances from both prominent names of the scene, emering indie headliners and newcomers: Taksim Trio, Ceylan Ertem, Cenk Erdoğan, Gevende and Jakuzi among others. And there is even more in 2018!

• See Istanbul From Another Perspective

Vitrin is not just a music showcase but also a wonderful opportunity to see another Istanbul: Experience concerts in historic and remarkable venues with the Istanbulite festival crowds, join special guided tours and private concerts in unusual settings, enjoy Istanbul from the sea (in a boat!) Simply put, an experience not just for your ears but all your senses.

• Networking with Prominent Industry Members

In its first edition, Vitrin hosted 28 professionals from 14 different countries such as UK, Germany, France, Norway, Greece, Israel and Azerbaijan. Throughout the event, our delegates meet both prominent members of Turkish music industry and important colleagues from different countries.  Vitrin delegates also get to choose the winners for the Socar Turkey “Silk Road” Tour Support Award. Last year’s award winners: Gevende and Korhan Futacı & Kara Orkestra.

Be A Part Of A Vibrant Festival!

In its 25th year, the Istanbul Jazz Festival is the biggest jazz festival in Turkey. With more than 25.000 visitors and more than 50 performances every year, Istanbul Jazz Festival features jazz, rock, pop, reggae, funk and world music. The program includes both major headliners and various opportunities for discovering new talent. Istanbul Jazz Festival is one of the founding members of the International Jazz Festivals Organization (IJFO).


Showcasing artists and musicians for the 2018 edition of Vitrin Showcase will be announced from April 2018 on.

Touring support award


Organised as part of the 24th Istanbul Jazz Festival for the first time, ‘Vitrin: Showcase for Contemporary Music from Turkey’, sponsored by SOCAR Turkey, brought successful local musicians and ensembles together with leading representatives of international music industry, culminating in the presentation of SOCAR Turkey Silk Road Tour Support Award to two most outstanding performers.

Istanbul Jazz Festival inaugurated a new project in its 24th edition to support successful contemporary music acts from Turkey in their international ventures. Aligned with the festival’s mission of expanding intercultural dialogue, ‘Vitrin: Showcase for Contemporary Music from Turkey’ introduced 30 artists and ensembles from Turkey to 28 international delegates and journalists from various countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and Azerbaijan over the course of several festival concerts from 5 to 8 July, 2017.

Among the 30 artists and ensembles, two bands were selected by the international delegates to receive further encouragement with SOCAR Turkey Silk Road Tour Support Award that involves financial support for their upcoming international tours.

Gevende and Korhan Futacı ve Kara Orkestra received the SOCAR Turkey Silk Road Tour Support Award

Among this year’s performers at Vitrin, two successful bands of the contemporary music scene in Turkey, Gevende and Korhan Futacı ve Kara Orkestra were presented with SOCAR Turkey Silk Road Tour Support Award. Both bands will receive a 2,500 Euros of support for their international tours planned for the next year.

Organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) under the sponsorship of Garanti Bank, the 24th Istanbul Jazz Festival was held between 4-21 July 2017.


Accreditations for Vitrin start in April 2018! For more information, please send us an e-mail to



Istanbul Jazz Festival
Sadi Konuralp Caddesi, No: 5
Nejat Eczacibasi Binasi
Sishane, 34433 Istanbul