• Ticket holders for the “Fabrizio Bosso Quartet // Massimo Manzi Trio feat. Elif Çağlar” concert at the Garden of Palazzo di Venezia must make a reservation for themselves by filling out the form at http://rezervasyon.iksv.org and enrol for the guest list no later than a week prior to the concert day.
  • According to the Italian Embassy’s security measures, guests will be required to present their valid IDs upon arrival and only those who have their names on the guest list will be admitted.
  • Guests who had not completed their reservation through the website will not be allowed into the venue and will not be able to redeem their tickets.
  • Sea transportation will be available for the concert at Beykoz Kundura with an extra fee. Detailed schedule for boats will be announced on caz.iksv.org/en.
  • An additional ticket should be purchased for entry to “All Saints Moda Church” in order to attend the “Night Out” concerts at the venue. Only a limited number of tickets are available.
  • Age limit applies in most of the concerts. Please visit the concert pages to learn more about the different age limits and regulations that apply to each concert.
  • Please do not untie the bracelets you will be provided at the entrance in most of the venues until the concert is over.
  • Door prices will apply in standing concerts.


Recording devices: It is strictly forbidden to make audio or visual recordings of the concerts using cameras, mobile phones or any other recording device.

Children age limit: You are kindly requested not to bring children under age 7 to the concerts. The age limit is 5 for the “Childlike Day.”

Returned tickets: Purchased tickets shall not be returned or redeemed unless the concert is cancelled or its date changed, in which case such redemption or return should be effected on the concert day.

Venue change: Concert venues may be subject to change due to reasons unforeseen. The Festival will ensure a seating plan close to the original in the best way possible.

Change in programme: The Festival reserves the right to alter the program or artists due to reasons beyond its control.