Held within Istanbul Jazz Festival, Vitrin – Contemporary Music from Turkey is a showcase and networking event dedicated to contemporary music from Turkey.

With its centuries old music tradition and vibrant contemporary music scene, Turkey has always been one of the main hubs of music in the world. Music in Turkey takes inspiration from both East and West, making it a “musical silk road” where influences flow in each direction. While traditional values are preserved and refined on one hand, new styles and sounds emerge through cultural dialogue on the other. Vitrin aims to showcase the current state of all these influences, with the best examples in different genres: jazz, rock, electronic music, ethnic sounds and global fusions.

In the fourth edition of Vitrin, Istanbul Jazz Festival invites a limited number of music professionals to attend the festival, along with the festival audience. International delegates will not only experience the showcases of some of the best newest bands from Turkey, but also attend networking events, increase their knowledge about Turkey’s vibrant music scene and meet with the key players of the local music industry.

Vitrin is currently an invitation-only event. A limited number of vacancies will be open to applications from international festival managers, cultural institutes, booking agents, promoters, record labels, music journalists and radio producers from all over the world.

“Wonderfully organized, fruitful and joyful.”
Peter Schulze (Artistic Director, Jazzahead!)

“The music was top, the locations superb, but even more than that the magnificent organisation and warmth that we felt was heart-breaking.”
Roel Vanhoeck (Deputy Director Music, Bozar Music)

“Wonderful Vitrin gave us a top showcase and city welcome. All of the team was great! It is not easy working with a group of music professionals who like to get lost. We didn't get lost!"
Ben Mandelson (Founding Director, WOMEX)

“Very much enjoyed exploring a bit of the incredible city Istanbul and partaking in Vitrin. Professionally run, great attention to detail and an invaluable window into the vibrant music scene of Turkey.”
Todd Puckhaber (Senior Music Event & Programming Manager, SXSW)