Fatih Erkoç’s first encounter with music was when his father Hasan Erkoç, who is an oud player, gave him a violin as a gift at the age of three. He studied trombone, piano and bass for seven years at the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory. Erkoç started to work in İstanbul Gelişim, one of the most popular orchestras of the period before graduating and also worked at the İstanbul State Symphony Orchestra as a short term trombone player. Returning from Norway in 1986 after living there for 11 years, Erkoç won the first prize at the 1st Golden Pigeon Song Contest in Kuşadası for his song "Yol Verin A Dostlar”. He also produced a music programme called "Yankılar" for TRT. Throughout the 90s Fatih Erkoç has become one of the unforgettable figures of pop music with his albums Ellerim Bomboş (1992), Penceremden Gökyüzüne (1993), Sana Deliyim (1994), and Kardelen (1996). After a six-year break that followed his latest album of 1999, the artist released Beklenen in 2005. In 2007, Fatih Erkoç released Kör