The legendary pianist Şevket Uğurluer started music by playing the mandolin during his elementary school years and later on settled on the piano after trying his hands on various other instruments. Along with Erol Büyükburç, Metin Ersoy, Kanat Gür and Salim Ağırbaş, he founded his first orchestra at the age of 17. After playing in various prominent orchestras of the time, he founded his eponymous orchestra in 1961. As ‘Şevket Uğurluer and Friends’, he adapted Classical and Folk Turkish Music songs to jazz. His singles ‘Ana Beni Eversene’, ‘Not Responsible’, ‘Tombalacık Halimem’ and ‘You’ were amongst the most popular songs of the era. Uğurluer, who participated in Eurovision ’91 as a composer, hosted a TV show called ‘Anılarla Müzik’ for 20 years in which he gave unforgettable jazz performances.