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An epic musical past that stretches back to 45 years, an ever-bright career, tens of songs that are engraved in minds and souls… Nick Cave believes that his songs are patient, because they know to wait in order to gain new meanings years after they are written. Maybe that’s why listening to Nick Cave songs makes you feel like, a man whose sincerity you never question is sitting across the table patiently telling you about his life. The parts of his story that intersect with your life become an excuse for you to meet him again. The address for your next celebratory meeting with Nick Cave is Istanbul Jazz Festival where he will take the stage with his legendary band The Bad Seeds, one of the most original bands in musical history, after 17 years. Before Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, the vocalist of 123, Dilara Sakpınar will warm up the stage with her solo project, Lara Di Lara. Born into a family of musicians such as Ender Sakpınar and İlhan Erşahin, Sakpınar began her music career with the electronic-indie project 123 and moved on solo as she blessed the ears of local and international audiences with her elegant vocals and mindful story-telling. You know where you will be on the evening of July 10.

Doors open: 18.00
Lara Di Lara: 19.30
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: 21.30

For ages 18+