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Moderator: Zuhal Focan
Speakers: Eren Noyan (The Badau), Turgay Demiryürek (Kaset Mitanni), Feridun Ertaşkan (Cazkolik)

Jazz life in Istanbul will be discussed in detail at Nardis Jazz Club, the city’s premiere jazz club for over a decade. Nardis has always been a venue beyond just a club, but a place of contemplation where answers are sought to: “How’s jazz experienced in Istanbul? Is there enough space for jazz in the city? What is the jazz map of the city like and what can be done to expand it?” Eren Noyan, the founder of The Badau jazz club, which was opened in Kadıköy Yeldeğirmeni in 2015, Turgay Demiryürek from Kaset Mitanni, which has become the meeting point for jazz lovers in Beşiktaş, and Feridun Ertaşkan, the music critic from Cazkolik will be the panel speakers and discuss the place of jazz in the city, the relationship between audiences, artists and venues, and the challenge of continuity in terms of jazz offerings in an ever-changing city like Istanbul. The panel will be moderated by Zuhal Focan, the owner of Nardis Jazz Club.