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Concerts will be held with a limited audience due to pandemic measures. You can also stream the concerts through the online platform of the festival from 3 October to 3 November, which will require tickets.

BaBa ZuLa
Levent Akman spoons, percussions, machines, toys
Murat Ertel electric saz and string instruments, vocals, oscillator, theremin
Ümit Adakale djembe, percussions
Periklis Tsoukalas electric oud, vocals

Make Mama Proud
Deniz Yurtdaş lead guitar
Kerem Çınar vocals, bass guitar
Parham A.G drums

Baba Zula // Make Mama Proud - Vitrin Showcase Nights
20.00-21.00 Make Mama Proud
21.30-23.00 BaBa ZuLa


You never know what will happen when they take the stage! We are talking about world-renowned BaBa Zula, who reflects the slum culture of these lands with its music, stance and costumes. What makes their concerts so special is that first and foremost, they entertain themselves; Ümit Adakale may be in the middle of a djembe solo, while Levent Akman plays the spoons. Murat Ertel gets carried away while singing and raising his saz above his head, and Periklis Tsoukalas plays the oud on his knees. The band, who have been making music for 20 years, will liven up the festival stage with a repertoire from their much-loved old albums as well as songs from their latest album Derin Derin. Attention to the festival participants: the band has not performed in a while; their energy and excitement will be excessive! Social distancing rules will be observed during the concert, so there will be no ‘halay’ (circle dance) this time but you can dance in your personal space! The other band that will take stage is Make Mama Proud, who describe their stage as ‘pickaxes, shovels and destruction’. Inspired by garage, stoner, desert rock and blues, the band’s musical vocabulary is quite extensive.