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Concerts will be held with a limited audience due to pandemic measures. You can also stream the concerts through the online platform of the festival from 3 October to 3 November, which will require tickets.

Can Güngör
Can Güngör electric, acoustic guitar, vocals
Burak Irmak keyboards
Alican İpek keyboards, back vocals
Can Aydınoğlu electric guitar, back vocals
Ozan Kısaparmak bass guitar
Mehmet Ali Şimayli drums
Ezgi Daloğlu saxophone, back vocals


On a gloomy night, Can Güngör returning home from his studio, asked himself ‘I’m not going to die alone, am I?’ In those moments, he wrote and recorded a song and uploaded it to the Internet. So many people found themselves and resonated with the song ‘Yalnız Ölmek’ (Dying Alone) that it was widely circulated and numerous adaptations were made. Shortly after Güngör, who is likened to an urban bard by music critics, saw his career swiftly take off. This year the musician released his 15- song album Sular Dar, which has been well received by the listeners for its calm, vibrant and eerie melodies. He reflects on his album and says ‘It involves an attempt to reach various musical points in song-writing, form, arrangement and orchestration’. At times he exhibits this effort on stage as well, with new versions of his songs. You can lend an ear to the stories of the urban bard at the open-air garden of Swissotel The Bosphorus.