The first prize winner at Georgia Tech Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition in 2014, Tolgahan Çoğulu, designed his “Adjustable Microtonal Guitar” in 2008. His first CD with microtonal guitar, Atlas, was published in 2012 by Kalan Music. His microtonal and fretless guitar duo and lecture recital, “Microtonal Guitar Music”, has taken him to many festivals and universities in 33 countries. Tolgahan is building a repertoire for microtonal guitar with more than forty composers involved at this point. In 2013, he became an Associate Professor in Guitar at Istanbul Technical University’s Turkish Music State Conservatory, where he had founded the classical guitar department in 2010 and the world’s first microtonal guitar department in 2014.

Sinan Ayyıldız, after being involved in countless albums, television series and movies as either a music director, arranger or performer, formed the band Etni-ka in 2008 and their debut album was released one year later. He was the music director and arranger of the album. In 2009 Sinan Ayyıldız was invited to the Stereognosis project recordings in the USA, a project which brings together musicians from various different countries. He recorded two albums with this project: The Stereognosis Hybrid album was released in 2011 and The Stereognosis Departure album was released in 2019. He continues his music work at his own recording studio in Ankara. He serves as assistant professor in Ankara Music and Fine Arts University.