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Following last year’s inaugural ‘A Child-like Day’, the Festival keeps on putting a smile on children’s faces through special concerts, workshops and performances geared towards children, on its second edition. Children will experience an unforgettable day enjoying a rhythm workshop developed by Okay Temiz as well as various other activities which will take place at The Seed @ the Sakıp Sabancı Museum.

“Catch Your Rhythm” with Okay Temiz
15.00-15.45 (ages 5-8)
16.15-17.00 (ages 9-11)
The Seed @ The Sakıp Sabancı Museum

This interactive rhythm workshop by Okay Temiz called ‘Catch Your Rhythm’ has two sessions: one for 5 to 8 years old children, and another for those between 9 and 11. Temiz will be teaching children how to play the darbuka, tambourine, claves and maracas, and gift the instruments to participants. Temiz says, ‘People are born with a natural sense of rhythm, because the secret of life is hidden in the rhythmical beatings of our hearts’. He has been holding rhythm workshops for many years in order to help people unearth this natural sense of rhythm. And now, its time for children.

My Hand-Made Jazz Album
15.00-15.45 (ages 9-11)
Sakıp Sabancı Museum Sicimoğlu Ground Floor Workshop

Using stickers of jazz instruments and artists, children will make CD sleeves for mock jazz albums.

The Journey of Sound with Tuna Pase
15.00-15.45 (ages 9-11)
Sakıp Sabancı Museum Conservatory Workshop

At this workshop by Tuna Pase, an academic from Bilgi University, children will take a tour around the world through instruments and musical genres as they learn about the fun story of music that begins with elemental sounds.

Jazz Collage
16.15-17.00 (ages 5-8)
Sakıp Sabancı Museum Sicimoğlu Ground Floor Workshop

This is fun. Little ones will design visual materials such as mock album covers and posters by using music related collage materials.

The Joy of Jazz
16.15-17.00 (ages 5-8)
Sakıp Sabancı Museum Conservatory Workshop

At this workshop, children will be asked to imagine two characters and draw their stories on paper, inspired by the rhythm and feel of various songs they will listened to.

After Okay Temiz’s rhythm workshop and other activities, children will have a show in the garden of the museum playing the instruments they have just figured out, accompanied by Okay Temiz.

Additionally, there will be other activities for children at the H&M Kids workshop space set up in the garden of the museum. H&M Kids Workshop will be open to everyone starting at 12.00.

Parents and children, who hold tickets for the day’s events, will get a complimentary tour of the permanent exhibition at the SSM. The first tour, scheduled for 15.00-15.45, will be for children ages 9-11, followed by the next tour at 16.15-17.00 for children ages 5-8. The tickets for the workshops and museum tours are limited to 25. Ticket holders for the events should make reservations for the museum tours and workshops at

  • The event is seated.
  • For children aged 5-12. Children can only attend the event with accompanying adults, who will need additional adult tickets. Adults with children tickets will need to purchase difference tickets.
  • Wristbands should not be removed until the end of the event.
  • If you would like to attend the workshops to take place as part of “A Childlike Day”, please make a reservation via
  • No food or beverage from outside is allowed in the event area.
  • Taking photographs or videos are forbidden at the event. Please do not bring your professional cameras.
  • Black, White and Red Tulip Card members can buy a maximum number of two (2) discount tickets, while Yellow Tulip Card members are entitled to one (1) discount ticket per event.
  • The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per event per person is 6.
  • The Festival reserves the right to alter the program or artists due to reasons beyond its control. Tickets cannot be returned as long as the programme remains the same.