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Moderator: Orhan Tekelioğlu
Speakers: Emin Fındıkoğlu (Bilsak Jazz Festival), Görgün Taner (İKSV), Ahmet Uluğ (Pozitif), Harun İzer (Istanbul Jazz Festival)

“Beginning from the ‘80s, how did the first jazz festivals in Istanbul evolve? From those who work behind the scenes to artists that take the stage, what has changed since those early days?” are the major questions that will be discussed along with the history of jazz festivals organized in Istanbul up until the ‘00s. Emin Fındıkoğlu, one of the founding musicians of Turkey’s first jazz festival Bilsak Jazz; Ahmet Uluğ, one of the founders of Pozitif; Görgün Taner, the general director of İKSV, and Harun Izer from Istanbul Jazz Festival will be the speakers of the panel that will be moderated by academician Orhan Tekelioğlu. The talk will take place at The Badau, one of the newly-minted jazz venues in Yeldeğirmeni.