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Moderator: Orhan Tekelioğlu
Speakers: Okay Temiz (musician), Deniz Kuzuoğlu (Salon İKSV), Onur Çelikkol (Kabak&Lin), Bidar Kalender (Young Jazz winner)

“What is jazz evolving to? What will the future sound of jazz be like? What inspires young jazz musicians and what kind of jazz are they dreaming of?” These much discussed questions will be posed to music critics and the new generation of jazz musicians in the jazz scene of Istanbul at the fourth and final panel that will take place during the lead-up to the 25th Istanbul Jazz Festival. The direction of jazz in the world and in Turkey, new productions, new inspirations in jazz, new genres that emerge from jazz or are interpolated into jazz will be scrutinized under the moderation of Orhan Tekelioğlu. The speakers of this panel will be announced through the website and social media accounts of Istanbul Jazz Festival in the coming days. Following the event, the evening will continue with a performance from JmH feat. Bidar Kalender, the young and dynamic band that blends hip-hop and soul with jazz.