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Melanie De Biasio vocal, flute
Aarich Jespers drums, percussion
Axel Gilain bass, guitar
Matthieu Van piano, synth

The Belgian jazz singer, lyricist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Melanie de Biasio who blends jazz, blues and soul masterfully will be visiting the 26th Istanbul Jazz Festival with her unique vocals. De Biasio is among the female artists of the contemporary jazz scene who invoke admiration for their creativity. The influences of her early idols Portishead and Pink Floyd are felt in her atmospheric music. Following her first two albums Blackened Cities and No Deal that attracted considerable attention, she reinforced her presence in the jazz world with her third album Lilies. De Biasion dedicated the album to her deepest fears and based it on her work during 2004 when she could not use her voice at all for a whole year due to health issues. Lend your ear to this passionate vocalist who freely shares her inner world in her music.

Doors Open: 20.30
Concert: 21.30

Listeners under 18 years of age can attend with accompanying adults. Wristbands in different colours will be provided for those under 18 and over.