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To be held for the fifth time this year, Night Out will be hosting in uential and alternative names from the independent music scene such as Ah! Kosmos, CanOzan and guests (Deniz Tekin, Nova Norda, Birkan Nasuhoğlu, Sedef Sebüktekin), Cava Grande, Eda And “Augmented Life”, Ekin Fil, ELZ AND THE CULT, Gaye Su Akyol, Flux Duo, Gülin, Hedonutopia, Lalalar, Melis Danişmend, Nusaibin, Süha Rami, Şallıel Bros, The Kites, The Ringo Jets, TSU!, Volkan İncüvez ‘Kün’, Zozo & Emin, and Liraz from Israel. The event will be held at popular Kadıköy venues including All Saints Moda Church, Bant Mag. Havuz / BİNA, Kadıköy Sahne, Kadıköy Cinema, KargART, Mecra, Moda Kayıkhane and Birlikte Güzel Moda Sahnesi.

Ah! Kosmos
21.30, Birlikte Güzel Moda Stage

A star of the local scene, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, and producer Başak Günak aka Ah! Kosmos launched her latest album Beautiful Swamp last year with her concert at Salon İKSV. This time Günak will be on the Night Out stage with her songs sifted from her life story flowing between Istanbul and Berlin.

Can Ozan and Guests: Deniz Tekin, Nova Norda, Birkan Nasuhoğlu, Sedef Sebültekin
23.30, Kadıköy Cinema

Singer-songwriter CanOzan, with whom we are used to see in solo performances accompanied by only his guitar, will be hosting his friends on the stage this time. Make sure to add this concert to your Night Out route as it is sure to be a festive one with guests Deniz Tekin, Nova Norda, Birkan Nasuhğolu and Sedef Sebültekin.

Cava Grande
00.00, Mecra

One half of the electronic music duo Portecho, Tan Tunçağ appears before us once again with his solo Project Cava Grande that has a range from ambient to electronic dance music. Those of you who are longing for dancing to melancholic melodies, and seeing Tunçağ on the stage, raise your hand!

Eda And “Augmented Life”
22.00, Kadıköy Cinema

One of our most successful and creative artists, young composer, pianist and arranger Eda And released her first album Augmented Life last year. This concert where Sibel Köse, Volkan Öktem, Volkan Hürsever, Yahya Dai, Serdar Barçın and Tamer Temel will be joining her on stage will definitely deliver some of the most exclusive moments of Night Out.

Ekin Fil
20.00, Bantmag. Havuz/BİNA

In Ekin Üzeltüzenci’s music, whom we know with the pseudonym Ekin Fil, acoustic elements meet digital electronics on minimal commons in the company of emotions. The musician has released 18 albums so far and has performed numerous concerts abroad, and has been invited to festivals such as Le Guess Who? and Heart of Noise.

21.00, Kadıköy Stage

Gothic-pop, dark-wave band ELZ AND THE CULT expands its audience-base with their second album Psychodrama launched at Salon IKSV following the award-winning album Polycephaly. We will be hosting the band, which was nominated at Hollywood Music In Media Awards along with nominees such as Sam Smith and Diane Warren, at Night Out.

Flux Duo
21.00, Kargart

Founded by Ethem Saran and Zeynep Oktar in 2017, Flux Duo will perform the launch concert of their self titled EP released in March 2019 at Istanbul Jazz Festival Night Out. Flux Duo’s music with its modern jazz and electronic music vibes and suggestions of syncopations and modal interpretations, is most definitely worth listening to live.

Gaye Su Akyol
23.00, Birlikte Güzel Moda Stage

Gaye Su Akyol, who has successfully been representing Turkey internationally in recent years, has been busier than ever. Her latest album İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir has drawn considerable attention in Turkey and abroad. She has performed at leading festivals in Europe from Roskilde to Womad. Akyol’s stage performance full of songs inciting freedom should not be missed.

22.00, Bantmag. Havuz/BİNA

Gülin is a versatile artist who has participated in successful projects as a lyricist, singer and actor with whom we are familiar with for her performances with Büyük Ev Ablukada. She works at Koroporte, a classical music and theatre group, as an instructor and director. Gülin is preparing to release her first album this year and will be joining us with her guitar and songs.

20.30, Moda Kayıkhane

Hedonotopia took its place among our favourite local bands after the release of their first album Ucube Dizayn and has reinforced its success with successive albums Yarı Cennet and Yakamoz Sandalı. Let the countdown begin for electronic rhythms, flying melodies and deep vocals.

00.45, Birlikte Güzel Moda Stage

Futuristic bass that turns nostalgia on its head while still carrying retro influences, electro beats and distinctive vocals… Lalalar released their first EP İsyanlar this year and has become a prominent figure in the local music scene with their live performances. Be prepared to be elated with Lalalar’s psychedelic music at this Night Out concert.

23.30, Moda Kayıkhane

The music of Israeli singer, songwriter and actor Liraz is interwoven with both ethnic elements and contemporary tones and is just as multi-layered as her life story. Liraz brings her inspirational songs and powerful stage performance to Night Out.

Melis Danişmend
21.30, All Saints Moda Church

Well known for the interviews, articles and television programmes she has produced over the years, Melis Danişmend has meanwhile continued her music adventure as a lyricist and singer. She has released 3 albums so far with more songs on the way. We will be sharing Danişmend’s excitement at this Night Out concert.

22.00, Moda Kayıkhane

Nusaibin duo is band that likes to grow in numbers with several guests they include in their music and with collaborations they have been a part of. The departure point of Nusaibin’s music is improvisation made between musicians that are founded in and inspired by Eastern cultures. Nusaibin has expanded its fan base with concerts and festivals, and the band’s experimental stage performance definitely demands attention.

Süha Rami
21.00, Mecra

Süha Rami seeks answers to the questions he pursues in his book on philosophy and poetry R.M. Rilke’nin Duino Ağıtları, F. Hölderlin’in Kasideleri, M. Heidegger’in Şiire Şerhi (R.M. Rilke’s Duino Elegies, F. Hölderlin’s Odes and M. Heidegger’s Annotation to Poetry), in his music as well. If you haven’t yet heard Süha Rami songs woven with lyrics seeking the truth, you know where to experience it for the first time.

Şallıel Bros
20.00, Birlikte Güzel Moda Stage

Anıl and Batu Şallıel aka Şallıel Bros, are among the most successful young saxophone artists of the Turkish jazz scene with their solo and collaborative projects. Şallıel Bros released the albums Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros Funkbook  lâ Turc, and Şallıel Bros #Famire in 2018. They will be on the stage with songs from Famire and Anıl Şallıel’s latest solo project.

The Kites
23.00, Kargart

The funk-jazz project by Tan Deliorman and Ozan Erverdi, The Kites, is one of the youngest bands of the festival with its music blending funk, rock and African rhythms. The duo was born in the same apartment building in Istanbul and have been making music together since childhood. The Kites have been performing their compositions and arrangements with jazz, funk, rock and fusion foundations since 2017.

The Ringo Jets
22.30, Kadıköy Stage

Garage rock band, The Ringo Jets, have returned to the stages after releasing their latest album Open Sesame. We will be hosting The Ringo Jets, who have performed at renowned venues such as Primavera Sound and Trans Musicales, at Night Out. Don’t miss the concert from this group that draws inspiration from timeless musicians and bands such as Delta Blues of Son House and Howlin’ Wolf, Bo Diddley, The Who, and The Sonics.

20.30, Kadıköy Cinema

James Hakan Dedeoğlu’s 2012 solo project TSU! has gained a firm footing in the local music scene with its atmospheric music inspired by folk songs and acoustic performances. Following three studio albums, last year TSU! released the concert album Live in Tokyo. Join our Night Out with TSU!

Volkan İncüvez "Kün"
20.00, All Saints Moda Church

Volkan İncüvez is known for his solo live loop performances consisting of elements of Turkish classical music, contemporary music and improvisation, where he plays the ney (Turkish reed flute), fretless guitar, electro guitar, çağlama (a hybrid of the guitar and the Turkish three double string bağlama) in addition to vocals. For this Night Out concert, İncüvez will be performing with four reed flute players as a part of his new project 'Kün'. Be prepared to watch an incredibly hypnotic performance.

01.00, Mecra

The stage of dance-loving duo Zozo & Emin is likely to be one of the most energetic stops on your Night Out tour. Zozo & Emin have been pepping up the Istanbul dance music scene since 2000 and have been listed among Pitchfork and DJ Mag’s favourite names. Don’t miss their eclectic and hypnotic selection.

Holders of TL80 tickets should purchase an extra entrance ticket for concerts at All Saints Moda Church. Limited number of tickets are available.

Door price is TL100, excluding All Saints Moda Church.