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Paolo Fresu & Lars Danielsson "Summerwind"
Paolo Fresu trumpet, fluegelhorn, effects
Lars Danielsson double bass, cello, effects

Cem Tuncer Quartet
Cem Tuncer guitar
Engin Recepoğulları tenor saxophone
Volkan Hürsever bass
Ediz Hafızoğlu drums

The star of this evening is the brand new duo consisting of trumpeter Paolo Fresu and double bassist Lars Danielsson, who both believe that music should touch feelings. The duo follows a meticulously drawn path while taking great care to avoid excess. Their music, drawing strength from this minimalistic attitude, at times fuses with classical jazz and folk music elements while striding without falling into a routine, creating a brand new universe which pleasantly draws you in. The duo, who follow their intuitions above all else as they make music together, have once again proven the flawless harmony between them with their first album consisting mostly of original compositions Summerwind released last year. They will be the guest of the festival with songs from this album. On this night of the festival, jazz guitarist, composer, arranger and producer Cem Tuncer and his band will greet jazz lovers in the historical ambience of the Venetian Palace Garden. Tuncer collaborates with musicians such as Neşet Ruacan, Ali Perreti L. Butch Morris, Aydın Esen and Ricky Ford, and is also known for his scores for film and television series.

Doors Open: 19.00
Cem Tuncer Quartet: 20.00
Paolo Fresu & Lars Danielsson: 21.15

Listeners under 18 years of age can attend with accompanying adults. Wristbands in different colours will be provided for those under 18 and over.