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Snarky Puppy
Michael League bass
Louis Cato drums
Marcelo Woloski percussion
Bob Lanzetti guitar
Bill Laurance keys
Justin Stanton keys/trumpet
Bobby Sparks keys
Chris Bullock sax/flute
Maz 'Mike' Maher trumpet and flugel

Shake Stew
Lukas Kranzelbinder bass
Clemens Salesny alto saxophone
Johnny Schleiermacher tenor saxophone
Mario Rom trumpet
Oliver Potratz bass
Niki Dolp drums, percussion
Mathias Koch drums, percussion

Bass player and composer Michael League’s collective Snarky Puppy, which has harmoniously evolved into its current spirit as it has grown in numbers over the years, blends sophisticated compositions with a pioneering improvisational style. The ensemble cemented their success with consecutive Grammy awards following ten years of extensive touring. They continue to glide in the skies of jazz, funk and rock with an inextinguishable sense of wonder. Snarky Puppy’s distinguishing exploratory attitude grows stronger with the fluid configuration of the band. Just as they favour the change in their repertoire, they also favour it in their performances; a selection of 8 to 12 musicians take the stage from over 30 at each performance. This merry band has been at its prime for the last four years, and we can’t wait to host them at the Istanbul Jazz Festival. Don’t forget to free space on your schedule for this meeting at the UNIQ Open Air Stage which will be opening with one of Austria’s most exciting jazz bands, the Shake Stew septet known for its hypnotic music woven with afro-beats and grooves.

Doors Open: 20.00
Shake Stew: 20.45
Snarky Puppy: 22.00

Listeners under 18 years of age can attend with accompanying adults. Wristbands in different colours will be provided for those under 18 and over.