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Concerts will be held with a limited audience due to pandemic measures. You can also stream the concerts through the online platform of the festival from 3 October to 3 November, which will require tickets.

Özgür Yılmaz guitar, synthesizer
Altan Sebüktekin bass
Ahmet Kul guitar, synthesizer
Alican Tezer drums
Mert Kasap percussion

Barkın Engin guitar
Cem Kayıran bass
Burak Tamer synthesizer
Berkay Küçükbaşlar drums
Yankı Bıçakçı drums, vocals

Yasak Helva
Salih Korkut Peker electric mandolin, çağlama, vocals
Hakan Görkem Bıyık bass guitar
Onur Ertem drums

Ayyuka // Pitohui // Yasak Helva - Vitrin Showcase Nights
18.30-19.15 Yasak Helva
19.45-20.45 Pitohui
21.15-22.30 Ayyuka


A night at a countryside wedding, we’re dancing ‘halay’ (circle dance) to psychedelic music under colourful bulbs hanging from garden to garden... That’s how Ayyuka's latest album, Maslak Halayı makes its listeners feel. The ensemble, which started off in Samsun with the desire to make improvisational music and flourished in Eskisehir, brings together surf rock, funk, punk and arabesque genres, with a foundation built on ‘70s psychedelic music and Anatolian rock. Ayyuka has been in a constant state of transformation ever since their debut album. Melodies usually replace lyrics. The band attributes the reason why they prefer nonverbal music to its potential of boundless improvisation. This means listening to different versions of their songs in every Ayyuka concert. Among the bands that will take the seafront stage of Feriye in Ortaköy before Ayyuka, is Yasak Helva, who call their music electric folk and have made a name for themselves at many international festivals, and Pitohui, a band that expands their multi-layered music universe with electronic touches.