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19.45 - 20.45 Geeva Flava
21.15 - 22.15 Altın Gün

Thijs Elzinga guitar
Daniel Smienk drums
Jasper Verhulst bass
Merve Daşdemir vocals
Erdinc Ecevit saz, keyboard and vocals
Chris Bruining percussions

Arda Semercioğlu guitar
Atakan Türkan drums
Aybars Gülümser bass guitar
Burak Erensoy keyboard

Another festival concert from Altın Gün on popular demand!

The story of Altın Gün began when Jasper Verhulst was introduced to seventies Anatolian rock during a trip to Istanbul. When Verhulst returned to the Netherlands, he founded Altın Gün with some of his closest friends and also with some musicians whom he recruited through social media postings. Altın Gün, which combines classic Anatolian rock songs and folk songs with psychedelic and funk timbres, travels the world and causes everyone to do the belly dance. They became a hot topic in Turkey with a video of Alicia Keys bobbing her head to their interpretation of the folk song “Halkalı Şeker”. The band has performed at many festivals, toured America as the opening act of Tame Impala and have been nominated at the Grammys in 2020.

The first festival concert of Altın Gün a day before was sold out in a heartbeat. But there is no need to worry, because Altın Gün will be on stage two days in a row, and this time after the genre bending performance of Geeva Flava, consisting of Arda Semercioğlu, Atakan Türkan, Aybars mutlur and Burak Erensoy.