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James Fernandez
Alex Blake
Daniele Diodato
Sam Harding
Madeleine Jones

Arda Semercioğlu guitar
Atakan Türkan drums
Aybars Gülümser bass guitar
Burak Erensoy keyboard

From poet to indie-pop star: Arlo Parks

Londoner Anaïs Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho started making beats to rhyme her poetry through a mobile app when she was fourteen, and thus the Arlo Parks we know today was born. She showed the courage to step into the dreams she built in her room, only to find herself singing with Jools Holland. She won the BBC Artist of the Year Award, performing her songs on key festival stages such as Glastonbury and Latitude. Arlo, who says she uses poetry as her songwriting compass, is interested in delving into a hyper-specific moment and making it feel universal, making it something that people could connect to. The same evening Geeva Flava, known for demolishing the walls between genres, will also be on stage. Make a note of this concert, it'll go up in value!