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Lucy Woodward vocals
Niek de Bruijn drums
Udo Pannekeet bass
Jelle Roozenburg guitar

Abdulrahman Zaibak piano
Omar Alkilani guitar
Adnan Khdir qanun
featuring Isam Sumi vocals

Let's meet in Şişli for jazz songs

A hidden, green corner in the city… Habitat Park, located at the Nişantaşı entrance of Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, is among the hosts of the Jazz in the Parks series. In this second event of Jazz in the Parks, an event that brings nature and jazz together, we will again be refreshed with the songs of Lucy Woodward. American singer and songwriter Woodward will perform jazz, bebop, blues and pop pieces with her infinite energy. In addition to Young Jazz bands, Abdulrahman Zaibak Trio will be on stage, thanks to the valuable cooperation of the United Nations Refugee Organisation UNHCR. İKSV and UNHCR is now in the fifth year of their continuous cooperation in the path to culture diversity trough the arts. With UNHCR, the festival is able to open its doors wider for a diverse, multicultural and polyphonic gatherings since 2016. You are invited to this colourful and free concert in Şişli on a summer day.